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Welcome to Hidayah Consulting!

Hidayah, an Arabic word meaning "guidance," perfectly embodies our mission and purpose. As a dynamic consulting firm, we are committed to providing expert guidance and support to non-profit organizations and small businesses.

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Our Services

At Hidayah Consulting, we understand the challenges and complexities our clients face. Drawing from our extensive experience in administration, grant writing, and strategy consulting, we offer tailored solutions to help organizations navigate their unique paths to success.


Our team excels in guiding organizations from grassroots to large-scale operations, empowering them to achieve their goals and positively impact their communities. We specialize in strategic planning, organizational development, and program evaluation, offering comprehensive insights and strategies to optimize performance and ensure sustainable growth.


Building strategic partnerships and securing funding are crucial elements of our approach. We recognize that collaboration and resource access are essential for our client's success. Through our expertise in strategic partnership and fundraising consulting, we assist organizations in forging meaningful alliances and attracting the necessary support to bring their visions to life.

Meet Our Founder

Our firm, led by Hamdi Ali, provides expert consulting services to non-profit organizations. With a robust background in consulting since 2021, Hamdi brings extensive experience in the non-profit sector. Hamdi's passion for driving positive change was pivotal in transforming numerous small grassroots operations into thriving, large-scale organizations.


Drawing upon years of dedicated service, Hamdi has a proven track record of securing multi-million-dollar grants and empowering non-profits to make a lasting impact. With deep insights into the intricacies of grant writing, Hamdi Ali possesses the expertise to craft compelling proposals that effectively communicate an organization's mission and vision to potential funders.

Testimonials from My Clients

See What My Clients Are Saying

Hidayah Consulting's guidance in strategic planning helped us identify growth opportunities and develop a roadmap for success

We are grateful to Hidayah Consulting for their exceptional guidance in strategic planning. Hamdi's deep understanding of our industry and comprehensive analysis helped us identify new growth opportunities and develop a roadmap for success.

Hidayah Consulting has been an invaluable partner in our journey towards organizational growth. Their strategic guidance and expertise have helped us develop a clear vision and actionable plans to achieve our goals. With their support, we have been able to streamline our operations, secure funding, and make a greater impact in our community


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